Troll Slammed for Accusing JLo of “Tons of Botox”

The Tons of Botox JLo 51-year-old singer is also known for her ageless appearance.

JLO has green dress launched its new anti-aging skincare line 2020. She was promoting it on her Instagram handle. Her post features a video where she tries a face mask with her beauty.

Speaking in the video, judging by her complexion, the singer said, “Truth be told, I can’t see a single line on my face. It is also shiny and beautiful and tight and tasty. The star added that she thinks the mask “took 10 years off my face.” ’

Several Fans

Several fans accused him of cheating. She claimed that he could not attribute the star’s youthful skin to a face mask.

One fan said, ‘Love it. But let’s be real. That mask is not what gives her skin. These are other treatments in conjunction with lasers and dermatologists and skincare. You can also use this mask for the rest of your life and you can’t have this kind of skin. This mask is also like a chef who gives you half of his secret recipe. Another follower commented, ‘Mama! Please stop working like this, not just genetics and money !!!!

However, one of the star’s followers on Instagram went a little further and wrote, ‘But can I just mention that the bow and forehead don’t move at all when you talk or try to express; you Definitely Botox. And many more. And that’s all good. Just say it. ‘

JLO replied, ‘LOL that’s my face beauty !!!… 500 million times… I’ve never had Botox or any injectable or any surgery !! Just say it. ‘

He also gave another hint of beauty, adding, ‘This is another JLo beauty secret: try to spend your time more positively, kindly and in the development of others, spend your time trying to bring others down. Don’t do things that will make you young and beautiful. !!! ‘

Singer JLo Working On Skincare

The singer had been working on her skincare for three years. She launched it on New Year’s Day, under the brand name JLo Beauty.

This is not the first time Jennifer has been accused of undergoing cosmetic surgery and treatment. She has always denied these claims. Last month, she told Glamor, “I’m not that person. I have nothing against those who do this. It’s not just me. ’

Lopez believes that beauty is also more than what it looks like on the outside. He added, “I think it starts first, honestly, what’s inside you and it shows on your face from the outside, it’s a big number.”

Although it has completely denied its claims to work faster, it has access to better scanner products that many others do not have.

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