The Inspiring Story of Bishamber Das, the first British Asian plus-size model

Groundbreaking Achievements

Bishamber has already achieved some remarkable things. Even without any modeling experience to speak of, she managed to finish runner-up in her first beauty pageant, representing the UK as the only plus size woman, competing against contestants from nine European countries. This was a life-changing moment for Das. She suddenly found purpose in her life, which is to represent those who felt they had no voice. She wants young people in particular to ignore those telling them how they should look. Instead, the only thing that matters is how you feel.

Focus on Mind, Body and Soul

Bishamber isn’t trying to suggest that she has all of the answers when it comes to advancing the body positive campaign, but nonetheless she understands that when other south Asians look at her, they know that they can also find success in the modeling world and beyond. Finding a sense of purpose in life starts with accepting who you are, and having people like Das demonstrates that nothing is impossible. What makes society beautiful is ultimately about the positive energy we possess and the way we treat others. So if you dream of following in her footsteps, don’t just concentrate on your healthy body, make sure to spend just as much time on your mind and soul as well.

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