The Cast of “Orange Is The New Black” is Unrecognizable in Real Life!

To look perfect for their characters, Unrecognizable in Real Life!  some cast members of Orange the New Black have got rid of dirt in their hair and even shaved heads with on-screen make-up. Some of these stars may be recognizable to you, but some look very different in real life. If you really want to see how some characters look different, this is the right place for you. Keep reading to see what a prisoner looks like if he is not behind bars in prisons!

Taylor Schilling As Piper Chapman

Taylor Schilling As Piper Chapman

In her first appearance on the show, Piper appeared to be an innocent-looking stupid woman who had been imprisoning for making bad choices during her youth. As the show went down, Piper showed it less polished, not the innocent side. In her real life, Taylor Schilling lives an enchanting life. She looks beautiful in her off-screen role as always. In addition to being a beautiful woman, her prominent role in this series brought many awards and recognition.


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