Best Russian NHL Players For Forever Young Man

6. Alexander Radulov

Alexander Radulov

The game of Radalolos has matured in the NHL through its three separate chapters. A highly skilled but cumbersome young man, in his time with Nashville hunters, he has since emerged as a player moving to Dallas.

In his six full NHL seasons, Radallov has never scored less than 15 goals in any season. It had a total of 27 and 29 in 2017-18 and 2018-19, respectively, when it signed a five-year, 31.25 million contract with Dallas on July 3, 2017. Each of these seasons included back-to-back performances. Out of 72 points

In Radallov’s first six seasons, he scored 300 points (121G, 179A) in 382 games. As he matured, he left the most permanent player in the game, the Russians.

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