15 People Share Awkward Situations That Everyone Can Relate

We can’t all be as cold awkward situations and as cold as Jude Law about ice. No, when we embarrass ourselves in public or with family and friends, it is a pity that we ordinary people experience moments of skin-crawling.

A curious man went to Reddit to find out what people were saying, asking, “How strange is the situation that everyone can relate to? And boy, did the internet have some ideas and stories to connect Monday! So, please find below, a collection of the strangest awkward situations that everyone can relate to.

1. Getting Lost With A Change In Checkout

The Conversation Is Getting Cut

“When you are finished at the checkout and the cashier receives the note and puts it up and then there are coins on it. Then the next person gets up and you are nervous, trying to separate the stack in your hand Do it, submit your purchase, say thank you, and leave at once. “Omin Domindels

I’m just burning my skin thinking about it. I hate it when they say “Thanks bye”, and you still stand there for 10 seconds and they just stare at you and you can feel the next person’s breath behind your neck Kill me now.

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