Katherine Heigl Gets Candid About Her Mental Health In Latest Interview

Former “Gray Anatomy” star Katherine Hegel has revealed her mental health and tumultuous time in an interview with the Washington Post in Hollywood.

Katherine Heigl Gets

Katherine Was Label as “Difficult” and “Ungrateful”

The 42-year-old actress achieved success on the small screen with “Gree’s Anatomy” and on the big screen with films such as “The Bugly Truth” and “Knockout”. But as soon as he started telling his mind about his career, the reaction started.

The star described her as “difficult” and “ungrateful”. The actor added that Hollywood began to “take him away” for mental health, which he believed was a punishment for speaking for himself.

Hegel said, “I may say any things you didn’t want, simply then she went on to ‘ungrateful’, then she went on to ‘hard’, and this ‘she’s unprofessional.’ “Moved to. Appreciate your difficulty? Any opinions you don’t like?”

The “Fear of the Rain” star added that she never hesitates to comment on things. She always talked about her likes and dislikes about her current projects. Similarly, in 2007, when he was a homosexual, he popularizes Jude Apato’s “knock-up”, and portray women as mere evil, s, satire, and humor.

The actress’s opinion was not as welcome then as it is today. “You may be the scariest, hardest, scariest person on the planet, but if you make money from them, they will keep you employed,” she explained. … But then my movies started to make more and more money. “

Heigl’s Struggles With Mental Health Illness

The “Firefly Lane” actress said that as her reputation deteriorated, she began to have mental health problems.

“At that point, I was immediately told to shut down Fau.” “I am just as sorry as they said. As much as I was terrifying and frighten. That I was doing the wrong thing, I got to the point when I did something really horribly wrong.

“27 clothes,” the star added, “I think my family, my mother, my husband, my friends were scary. And I’m so sorry I scaring them like that. But I just can’t manage it.” I didn’t own any devices, I told my mother and my husband to find me all around to help me because I deemed I was going to die.

“I didn’t understand how much pain I was living till I got so sick that I really need help,” Katherine recalls.

The actress is now seeking medical treatment and is seeing a doctor regularly. The mother of three says she is not afraid to go back to Hollywood, and she will never back down.

She added: “I have come to accept that this desire is not a dirty word. And that I am no less than a feminist, loving, nurturing woman and that she has big dreams and big Has goals. “

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