Irritating Details That You Probably Missed Out In Movies.

There is always Irritating Details joy to watch movies, whatever the style, movies take viewers to an alternative universe. Sometimes, minor details are added by the directors, adding to the spark created by the films but these details cause minor confusion and confusion among the viewers. Scroll down to see some disturbing details that you first saw in this movie.

Warning: This list of scenes could change your perception of your favorite movie forever!

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

In The Dark Knight, there was a section where the Joker dressed up as Harvey Dent (aka Two Faces) Nurse. This is not a strange part. What confused the audience the most was how Dent failed to recognize the Joker through the veil. This was until he removed his niqab and showed his full face. The Joker is one of the most famous supervillains, and his face is the most prominent in the entire comedy dome. The fact is, Harvey couldn’t tell. It was very strange.

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