15 Happy Wedding Photos That Will Leave You Confused

Happy Wedding Photos are often a day that the bride and groom never forget. It is also a special day of love and determination where heartfelt prayers are made between two people. However, sometimes wedding moments give guests a chance to remember one day. Here are 15 hilarious wedding photos that will confuse you.

1. Wedding Doves

Wedding Doves

It is a common tradition to issue a wedding dove at your wedding. Birds are a symbol of loyalty. When birds find their partner, they visit by them for days. However, no one gave the couple a memo. Pigeons need to survive. Right after this picture, the symbol of redemption fell on the floor and was ready for cooking. The heinous act of throwing dead birds into the air also casts a shadow over the bride’s dress. It looks like Poison Avi will be wearing her wedding dress.

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