15 Terrifying And Creepy Pictures That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

7. Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall Ghost, better known as the Brown Lady, is perhaps the most famous ghost ever capture on camera. This photograph of him on the stairs was taken in 1936 at Rainman Hall in Norfolk, England. And in fact, they are the most authentic and unusual images ever. The brown lady, name after her appearance in a gray brocade dress, widely believing to be the past of Lady Dorothy Walpole, who marri Charles in 1713. (Rainman Hall resident) marri to Charles.

It was a rumor that Dorothy had been Lord Wharton’s mistress before her marriage to Charles. Dorothy was thus suspect of disloyalty by Charles. Although legal records state that he was buried in 1726, it was suspect that the last rites were a hoax and Charles lock his wife in a remote corner of the house until his death several years later. Was Whatever the reason for his death, it was all very mysterious and if that wasn’t enough, people start reporting seeing his ghost right after his death, which was fairly neutral and Couldn’t prove it.

But the news of the visit of a man named Major Loftus, who was staying creepy pictures at Renham Hall in 1849, is considered as an authentic source. One night, after retiring from the bed, Major Loftus and his friend saw a woman with brown brocade on the stairs. When Major Loftus tried to contact him, he immediately. Disappeared Intending to confront Sufism, he came to the same place the next night and saw it again. However, he shocks to see that when he looks at her face, he saw only two black sockets where his eyes should have been. Strange and annoying to say the least.

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