15 Terrifying And Creepy Pictures That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

12. Amityville Ghost

Amityville Ghost

On the morning of November 13, 1974, Ronald Defieu Jr. shot and killed his father, two brothers, and a sister. Both bodies were lying on the respective beds without bullet wounds or any signs of struggle. And although the neighbors lived nearby creepy pictures, none of them heard voices, screams, or noise. Mr. Defiou claimed that ghosts were present during the incident and that he had guided his siblings to extermination, although his real intention was to execute his father.

The house at 112 Ocean Avenue went up for sale and was later bought by George and Kathy Lutz. Although he was told by the realtor about the tragedy, Litz so delights with the house, the pond, the garage, and the 4,000-square-foot waterfront that he immediately went. Just offer Over the next 28 days, Lutz’s family will shock after a set of horrific extraordinary activities.

From the suicidal dog on the wall to the iconic half-headed devil, staring out of the bedroom windows away from the green mud and spirits, the Litz family constantly encountered a demonic presence in the ruined house.

Eventually, when they could no longer take it, they force to vacate the house in a hurry. He called investigators to study the place. All of whom claimed creepy pictures to have noticed a strange presence in the house. One of the investigators clicked on a picture of the boy’s ghost peeking out of the room. Whether the facts of the case were exaggerated or a complete deception at once, this is still one of the most terrifying and thrilling stories of our time.

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