15 Terrifying And Creepy Pictures That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

There are situations in life where you have to say no creepy pictures. These are scenarios where one glance only forces you to turn around and walk the other way. Most of these images spread fear to such an extent that everyone will agree that running away is the right thing to do. Here are 15 weird pictures that will start crawling on your skin.

1. White Lady, a physician at Norfolk, World State Church, UK

White Lady, a physician at Norfolk, World State Church, UK

In 1975, Diane and Peter Berthelot went to Worcester Church with their 12-year-old son. Peter took a picture of his wife praying quietly on a church bench. As the development progressed, of course, a friend of Mrs. Berthelot surprise to see a white shad figure sitting behind her and point to it. The figures in the photo show light-colored, old-fashion clothes, and bonnets.

The following summer, Berthelts returned to Worcester Church with a photograph and ask Reverend Pett, the church’s vice-chancellor, about it. He told her about the symptoms of the White Lady, known as a healer who appears to someone who needs healing. Diane suddenly realizes that when the photo was taken, she was very ill and was taking strong antibiotics.

The White Lady is almost 100 years old. According to one story, on Christmas Eve 1830, a man posed a challenge to the White Lady. He said he would climb the church’s Belfry Peak and kiss her if she appeared. So he left. When he failed to reappear after a while, however, friends went looking for him. They panicked, pushing him into a corner. “I’ve seen it,” he told them, “I’ve seen it.” And then he died.

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