15 Endless Pictures From The Most Challenging Photo Shoots

Many people think that the life of a model challenging photo shoots is all glitz and glam, but this is not true. Yes, they have to wear high fashion clothes in photos or on the runway, but that doesn’t mean they have to live a luxurious life. Sure, it sounds like every girl’s dream when models travel to beautiful islands for a photoshoot, but sometimes, they have a photoshoot in a very invasive place where the natural elements of the environment can test them.

Are Having a beautiful personality and qualities can be beneficial when it comes to being a model, but that is not always the case. In the world of modeling, models have to be able to go that length. For example, Tire Bank is known for creating bizarre challenges for enduring America’s next top model models.

Victoria’s Secret models look great all the time with their gorgeous hair and flawless make-up. She showed off her gorgeous body in tiny bikinis and lingerie. When they feel like they are enjoying and enjoying their shoot, there are times when they have to be part of a challenging photoshoot that takes place outside of their comfort zone.

Sometimes models run the risk of getting cold when they have to go to extremely cold places for their challenging photo shoots. But hey, that’s their job, so they just roll with it. Here is a list of some of the scariest photos I’ve had to endure. It may change your perspective on becoming a model and the level of difficulty and skills that come with the job.

1. Victoria’s Secret Model in a Cool Swimming Suit

Victoria's Secret Model in a Cool Swimming Suit

While we’re all wrapped up in sweaters to keep ourselves warm this winter, Victoria’s Secret models Jasmine Toux and Josephine Scherer wore nothing but their swimsuits to the coldest continent of Antarctica for challenging photo shoots. Jasmine is in her white one-piece and Josephine is in her pink swimsuit. Apparently, it was minus three degrees there. They could get frostbite! Even winter clothes had to be cool, but the models still manage to smile. In one photo, she is on her knees laughing in the snow, and Jasmine is waving her arms in the air. They also seem to enjoy walking barefoot in the snow. Overall, it was a change of scenery as angels are usually on the beach.

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