15 Things That You Didn’t Know Brock Lesnar Did off Wrestling

8. Wrestler Seriously

Wrestler Seriously

Lesnar is known as one of the best professional wrestlers from an amateur background, and while he often remembers for his work in the WWE. Let us not forget how great he was as an amateur. Was The former WWE Champion defeats Webster High School? South Dakota, 33-0-0 during his senior year, and went on to compete at the University of Minnesota. Where he later won the 2000 NCAA Heavyweight Championship. Became the champion.

Before joining the Minnesota team, he wrestled for Bismarck State College, where he became a two-time NJCAA All-American, NJCAA National Champion, and two-time Big Ten Conference Champion. Lesnar’s WWE career has been great so far, but his efforts as an amateur wrestler should not be forgotten.

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