6 Unconventional Ways To Ensure A Happy Relationship

Find Time Away From Each Other

Just like every healthy relationship requires the occasional romantic weekend getaway, it is also essential that you have a life separate from your significant other. Being together 24/7 is not going to be helpful in your relationships, especially when there’s no possible way that you both share 100% of the same interests. Guys, if you want to go to your favorite sports bar and down a couple beers with friends while watching the big football game, go for it. Likewise, ladies, there’s no reason why your partner needs to act as a chaperone when you want to get a latte and chat the afternoon away with your gal pals.

You Don’t Always Have To Eat The Same Meals

Dining together — especially after a long day at work — is the perfect way to connect with your partner. But there’s no rule that says you need to eat the exact same thing. Just as you would typically order different courses when you dine out at a restaurant, it’s perfectly okay to prepare separate meals. Perhaps you love meat but your partner is a vegetarian or even (gasp!) vegan! Or he/she loves spicy food while you prefer something that tastes really boring. Forcing food on each other when you have significantly different preferences is the surefire path to the Darkside.

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