5 minutes hack to lift up your bad mood

Every person in this world goes through emotions mixed with sadness, frustration, annoyance, upset, and wishes to do something about it.

Five years back, I felt these emotional states but didn’t know the reason behind them. I started thinking that I was stuck feeling that way. I thought of a technique for kicking myself out of this trapped emotional state. It might seem silly to many people but I recommend everyone who feels worried, pissed, or depressed. You will start feeling better in a matter of five minutes or so.

Here’s what you need to do.


Choose two songs that are at least two minutes long. Pick those songs that used to make you feel good and also the ones that you’re familiar with the words and could sing along to. Don’t pick instrumental music or downer music.


Take shower and set it to hot. Stand comfortably as long as you can bear the hot water. You can also take off your clothes if you feel to do so.


Put your phone notifications on silent and put any song in full volume that you can also able to hear from running water. You can also use a portable speaker depending upon the phone you have. Feel free to take your iPhone 7 with you as it is waterproof.


Stand in the hot shower as long as you start feeling sweating by the end of the song. It might be a little painful but probably not too much as you will feel better.


Sing along with the song as louder as you can.

On the off chance that you haven’t felt silly at this point, those you felt this way can give it a try. It would really work. You will really start feeling better. Give yourself five minutes and you will start realizing how it works in magic.


Turn the shower cold by the end of the song.

The cold water will shock your nervous system and you can easily bear the cold water if your body is already overheated. Just try it once. You can bear the cold water because it’s only for the last duration of the song.


Just Sing along!

Singing song is for two purposes. One, it’s very hard to remain upset while singing along to your favorite song. You will feel distracted and you will manage to feel the cold by singing along with the song.

You can enjoy standing in the cold water even if your song is finished. Or even play the third song if you have started feeling drastically better.

It is impossible to stay unhappy, especially after this intense cold exposure. The cold water at the end will make you feel better and will play a bigger part in changing your mental state. Therefore, next time you’re going through any negative emotional state just hop over to a cold shower, ice water, or music.

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