The 15 Most Famous Female Athletes IN The World

5. Barbara Berlusconi

Barbara Berlusconi

Barbara Berlusconi is one child of late Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. His father has been implicated in a wide-ranging case of unsafe escape – while a viable political candidate for national office remains. His last name is very heavy.

Barbara Berlusconi was nominated to AC Milan’s board of directors in April 2011, and at the end of 2013, she became the club’s deputy chief executive. Although she has been a top player in the sports world for many years, she has often been the subject of tabloid fodder. Proof of not falling away from the apple tree, Berlusconi made headlines in 2011 for having a five-year romance with a Brazilian footballer over his junior.

In February 2014, Berlusconi dismissed rumors that the club was for sale, denying it outright and reaffirming his family’s “engagements” to Milan. According to him, the team is currently looking for potential investment partners in the hope of providing the necessary funds to build the new stadium.

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