The 15 Most Famous Female Athletes IN The World

15. Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn

Although women in sports media are still struggling to some extent. They have to walk the treadmill in an industry that prioritizes and sees through their eyes on famous female athletes. But there is no question that in recent decades Significant progress has been made.

This road may still be somewhat difficult for women in the industry. But trailblazers like ESPN’s Linda Koh are responsible for making it much more passable. Since taking over as World Wide Leader in 1992, Cohen has become one of the network’s most versatile, capable personalities.

Cohen doesn’t go down in the endless list of the hottest women in sports media – not because she’s not attractive. But because she doesn’t occupy the same spot. It may be his sense of humor or his Long Island accent. But there’s something about Cohen that sets him apart.

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