The 15 Most Famous Female Athletes IN The World

13. Tyler Tumminia

Tyler Tumminia

Tyler Tasmania is senior vice president of the Gold Killing Group. A sports and recreation consulting and management firm that owns four minor league baseball teams and a collegiate league team. Baseball is in his blood. Tasmania’s father, John, was a longtime Scout with the Chicago White Sox, and her husband. Ben Charrington, is the general manager of the Boston Red Sox.

She moved from a career in financial services and high-tech public relations. At the age of 26 and accepted an internship with the Hudson Valley Renegades. Six weeks after Tamina applied for a shot as an intern. The team named its director Community Relationship, and less than a year later. She joined the Gold Killing Group.

After less than a decade in the business. Yemenia has achieved great success as one of the few female executives in the world of baseball. He is one of the most wanted public speakers in the country. Last November he gave a presentation in a packed auditorium at Mount St. Mary’s College, “Hit a Home Run with a Career with Wardrobe Sports,” which was his It was Almater.

Considering how much he has already accomplished. The sky is really the limit of Tasmania, which is only 35 years old.

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