The 15 Most Famous Female Athletes IN The World

12. Jana Fleishman

Jana Fleishman

Rock Nation is an entertainment company found in 2008 by rapper JZ. The company’s sports management division was launch in the spring of 2013. And its clients include Kevin Durant, Robinson Cono, Victor Cruz, and Skeller DeGeneres.

Gina Fleischmann has been the Director of Media and Talent Relationships at Rock Nation since 2009. Although he has a background in music and entertainment. He worked for the Def Jam Music Group for over a decade before jumping aboard. Flashman is already a major player in the sports world.

As the company’s client list grows, so will Flashman’s influence. This year alone, famous female athletes Rock Nation has already signed Hakim Nix and CC Sabatia. It was in the mix of signing Teddy Bridgewater’s selection deal in the first round of the NFL Draft, and Jay Z was reportedly eyeing Johnny Manziel as well.

This is not expecting, but it is clear that Rock Nation is shooting stars. And famous female athletes Flashman is going to help get it there.

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