The 15 Most Famous Female Athletes IN The World

11. Rita Benson LeBlanc

Rita Benson LeBlanc

Rita Benson is the granddaughter of Tom Benson, owner of the majority of Le Blank. New Orleans Saints, and New Orleans Pelicans. In the agricultural business of Texas A&M with BS, Lee Blanche has been personally involved in the family business since she was in high school.

In 2003, he took over the management of the Arena Football League’s New Orleans voodoo, which was also held by his grandfather, and eventually became the top management of the AFL. Today, Le Blanche is the board’s vice chairman for both the Saints and the Pelicans.

Lee Blanche was named Benson’s heir apparent in 2006. But according to a Forbes report by Brian Solomon. He became a bench in 2012 because of famous female athletes his sense of entitlement. However, whatever family drama was behind the move. It seems to have been put to bed, as Lublin is clearly back.

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