15 Most Embarrassing Moments for Celebrity in Recent Time

Embarrassing Moments for Celebrity they’re just like us! But, in all seriousness, celebrities end up in the same strange and embarrassing situation. The biggest difference? Most of them are caught on camera.

Whether they’re presenting an award, performing on stage, or saying something objectionable on social media, these stars got to mess up, and everyone found out. Some have managed to recover easily, while others are still paying for their mistakes. One thing’s for sure: we’ve had a lot of fun.

1. Warren Beatty’s Oscars Mix-up

Warren Beatty’s Oscars Mix-up

No one could see him coming. At the 2017 Oscars, Bonnie and Clyde star Fi Donaway and Warren Betty presented the final award of the night for Best Picture. Donaway declared La La Land the winner, as expected. The cast took the stage, and speeches were made.

But then the chaos spread. It was announced that the moon had actually won. Everyone looked around with disbelief, but then the cast of the film took the stage, and Warren Betty explained: He was given the wrong envelope. Details surface in the days to come, and Betty was certainly not there to blame, but at that moment, she did embarrass.

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