Why You Never Hear About Conjoined Twins Abby & Brittany Hensel Anymore


Getting a reality television show

If you’re familiar with Abby and Brittany Hansel, it probably wasn’t from their 1996 appearances on Oprah. Instead, you probably remember them from their popular TLC reality show called (fittingly enough) Abby & Brittany.

The twins starred in this TV show in 2012 when they were 22. The reality program showed important events such as their graduation from Bethel University and their quest to find a post-college job. Along the way, the show gave us a glimpse into their lives with friends and interesting trips to places in Europe.

At only eight episodes, though, the show was relatively short-lived. And the last episode premiered nearly a decade ago. What have the twins been up to since then? Did they stop being famous because their 15 minutes were up, or was this an intentional decision on their part?


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