Autopsy Reveals Anne Heche’s Real Cause Of Death


Anne Heche’s Net Worth When She Died

Relative to many Hollywood actors, Anne Heche came from very humble beginnings.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, she summed up early life with her family: “We were poor, but we said we were rich. We were falling apart, but we said we were good Christians. We had a father who lived a double life, but we pretended that we were absolutely fine. We lived on the streets but said we didn’t. Everything we did was a lie. Denial, denial, denial.”

It’s cold comfort, but when Heche died, saying she was rich was no longer a lie. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she was worth approximately $4 million when she died.

This May Be The Last Photo Of Anne Heche

Tragically, everything seemed fine just hours before Anne Heche’s fatal car crash. In fact, Heche was spotted shopping around Los Angeles just hours before the crash. She even stopped to pose for this photograph at a shop called Glass Hair Design where she bought a red wig.


Sadly, this may indeed be the last photograph Anne Heche ever took. But it stands as a final tribute to her, taking the time to take a photograph for a fan.


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