Autopsy Reveals Anne Heche’s Real Cause Of Death


What Was Anne Heche’s Real Cause Of Death?

As People reports, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner Anne Heche eventually ruled that Heche’s death was an accident. And the cause of death was a “sternal fracture due to blunt trauma.” This most likely happened when she hit her steering wheel during the crash.

Accidental or not, Heche’s accident and death are both genuine tragedies. And they may have been preventable tragedies: according to the New York Post, the actor was allegedly under the influence of cocaine and may have also been under the influence of fentanyl.

However, there are a couple of silver linings. First, miraculously, nobody else was hurt or killed in the accident, including the people and pets living in the house that Heche crashed into. Second, People reports that Heche’s body (she never recovered consciousness) was able to help at least one person with a much-needed organ donation.

Anne Heche Was Once Blacklisted From Hollywood

Unfortunately, it took Anne Heche dying for the actress to dominate the headlines once more. Why haven’t we heard more about her before now? According to Heche herself, it’s because she was blacklisted from Hollywood.

Back in 1997, Anne Heche began dating Ellen Degeneres. Both of them experienced major fallout due to social pushback against their same-sex relationship (keep in mind that the 1990s was a far less tolerant time). And this came to a head when they tried to attend the premiere of Volcano, a movie that Heche starred in.

In an interview, Heche told Mr. Warburton Magazine that “I was told by Fox Studio executives that if I brought Ellen to the premiere, my contract would be terminated. I brought Ellen despite those threats, and we were escorted out of the theater before the lights came on by security and not allowed to attend the premiere party because they did not want any photos of us together.”

It would be one thing if this was limited to just that one event or even just that one studio. However, she told Page Six that she was blacklisted from Hollywood in a way that costs her plenty of money as well as cultural capital. “I didn’t do a studio picture for ten years. I was fired from a $10 million picture deal and did not see the light of day in a studio picture.” In a bit of grim irony, she looked back on these events and dubbed herself “patient zero in cancel culture.”


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