10 Celebrities So Beautiful Every Girl Wants To Be Them

8. Rihanna
Rihanna is an exception to every rule. While thin celebs try their best to keep a strict diet and a rigorous workout routine, and the not so thin ones talk about body positivity – Rihanna just doesn’t care, she loves herself no matter what. She’s been thin, she’s been curvy, she fluctuates, and she looks fabulous either way. We need more role models like Rihanna.


9. Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid is known for her slim figure and hourglass shape. She’s one of the most successful American models. Lot’s of girls are jealous of her figure, because it’s not that easy to have both curves and abs at the same time. And while Bella is definitely genetically blessed, she also clearly puts in a lot of work to look the way she does. It makes sense, people, looking good is literally her job

10. Kim Kardashian
Many might argue that Kim is famous for no reason at all, but we’d argue that the thing that she’s most known for are her incredible curves. There’s a lot of talk and speculation whether her curves are natural or if she’s had some procedures done, but either way you’ve got to admit that her proportions are impressive. In fact, she kind of makes us wonder if it was her who single handedly started the big booty trend.

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